Frequently Asked Group1 Chery Questions

What are the advantages of using Group1 Chery?

Aside from high-quality vehicles, you also benefit from working with incredible people who believe good customer service is what grows a successful business. As such, you can rely on Group1 Chery to deliver on our promise of providing you with the best possible vehicle deals. If you are satisfied with our level of service, we’d be delighted if you told your friends about it.

Do you do regular offers and promotions?

Yes, we offer our own Group1 Chery special deals as well as supporting special national promotions from Nissan South Africa. Find out more about our latest Chery deals and specials by going to our Group1 Chery Specials page.

Where is Group1 Chery located?

Our Group1 Chery dealerships are in Stellenbosch, Mossel Bay, Knysna and George but we can deliver your new Chery right to your door regardless of where you are in South Africa.

Do you sell new and used Chery vehicles?

Yes. We sell new Chery vehicles and through the Group1 Auto group, we also offer quality used cars from all manufacturers. Please visit our used vehicles for sale page to find out more about our wide range of second-hand vehicle brands.

What assurances do I get on used vehicles?

Whether you buy a pre-owned Chery or not, any used car from Group1 Chery is carefully sourced and checked by our team of automotive experts. You can even bring your vehicle back to us for as long as you own it for free roadworthy checks.

Can you provide a trade-in value on my car?

Yes. We believe that getting the best and most accurate valuation on your car is essential for ensuring the best value on a new vehicle purchase along with planning any finance you may need. Get in touch with Group1 to request a call back from our experienced staff about a Trade-in Valuation.

Do you sell demo vehicles?

Most definitely! The truth is, we regularly offer our customers some of the best quality Chery Demo Vehicles for Sale in South Africa.

Are you Chery experts?

Absolutely! We have a great deal of knowledge of Chery vehicles and a team of individuals who share a real passion and enthusiasm for the Chery brand and all things Chery. Don’t take our word for it, visit our showroom or service centre to find out more.

Do you know about other cars too?

Oh, for sure! As one of a few mega dealers in South Africa, we are true-to-form motor dealer professionals and have vast knowledge encompassing all kinds of vehicles and specifications, whether new or used. We also service non-Chery vehicles at our service centres in Stellenbosch, Knysna, George and Mossel Bay for several customers.

Where does Chery sit compared with other automotive manufacturers?

While relatively new in South Africa, Chery vehicles offer some of the very best value for money anywhere on the market. Chery cars are strong, reliable and filled with loads of standard safety and convenience features you’d pay a premium for at other brands.

What’s the current range of Chery cars and SUVs?

As the Chery brand is relatively new, we have three ranges of the very best new Chery cars for sale, including the Chery Tiggo 4 Pro, Chery Tiggo 7 Pro and the Chery Tiggo 8 Pro. We will also be introducing any new models entering the Chery range.

Can you deliver my new or used vehicle to me?

We most certainly can! While we are based in Stellenbosch, Knysna, George and Mossel Bay, we have a well-established national vehicle delivery service that allows you to take advantage of amazing Chery vehicle prices, regular Chery Promotions and exceptional Group1 Chery customer service no matter where you are situated in South Africa. Contact your nearest showroom to find out more and remember to regularly visit our Chery blog for all of the latest updates on vehicle launches and news.

Does Chery sell family cars?

Absolutely, and they look absolutely incredible! Chery has become a brand synonymous with exceptional reliability, quality and value for money and it shows with its amazing Chery Tiggo SUV/ CUV. These types of vehicles are perfectly suited for families as they offer levels of comfort and safety you’d pay a premium for on more luxury brands. Please visit our Chery New Vehicles page for more information on the range of Sports Utility Vehicles and Crossover Utility Vehicles.

How do I book for a service?

If you need to book a Chery service, simply give us a call and we’ll book your car in. Alternatively, visit the website and go to the book a service page, send us the relevant details and we will call you back. Don’t forget to send us the odometer reading and any particular issues you are experiencing with your car so we can perform a thorough check.


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