MyCheryCare Making Chery Ownership Even More Effortless

2023 MyCheryCare Rollout & What it Means for Motorists

2023 MyCheryCare Rollout & What it Means for Motorists

We’ve got great news for all prospective and existing South African Chery owners! Chery SA has recently introduced MyCheryCare, an improved customer care program for all new Chery vehicles purchased on or after February 1, 2023. Existing Chery owners will also be able to add the MyCheryCare package at a 15% discount to the market-related cost.

First launched in South Africa in 2008, the brand has since become synonymous with affordable and reliable vehicles that are an attractive choice for budget-conscious motorists from all walks of life. With a range of models that cater to different needs, from compact cars to SUVs, Chery offers something for everyone.

This offering will now also include MyCheryCare, which will be FREE for a two-year period for owners who buy from February 2023 onwards. The package can also be extended for up to five years for an additional fee.

What’s MyCheryCare All About?

The MyCheryCare package includes free services such as maintenance features and chauffeur services, which are available for the first two years of ownership at no extra cost.

According to Tony Liu, executive deputy GM of Chery SA, MyCheryCare brings together various vehicle insurance and convenience products to eliminate the minor discomforts associated with owning a vehicle.


The MySurfacePlan is a subcategory that offers free repair services for small dents, paint scratches, tar removal, headlamp renewal, mag wheel repair, and an annual wheel alignment service. Additionally, leather or fabric upholstery can receive a free Scotch Guard treatment.

MyCheryCare also provides odour removal for pet-, tobacco-, or mouldy smells, as well as an annual air-conditioning treatment to eradicate any bacteria or fungi in the airflow system.

MyTaxi, MyDriveHome + MyCourtesyCar

For every new Chery, customers can also benefit from transport services that include a free taxi service and a free rental vehicle for longer services.

Furthermore, Chery has added a free take-me-home service under MyDriveHome for customers concerned about exceeding the legal alcohol consumption limit after an event. The Chery call centre will send two drivers, with one driving the owner’s car home.

Who Performs the Services & How do I Book?

To provide these extensive services, Chery partnered with leading service providers and trained a dedicated group of call centre staff available 24/7. Customers can access any of the MyCheryCare services through the Chery App or by making a phone call.

Feel free to get in touch with a Group1 Chery dealership near you to learn more about the MyCheryCare offering and how it can benefit you in 2023 and beyond.

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