Investing In AI Brings Chery Self-Driving Vehicle Closer

Chery logo on vehicle grille


Chinese auto pioneer Chery is going full speed ahead in its self-driving quest, nearly ready to unleash its level 2.5 cars, with level 4 predicted by 2025.

Self-driving cars are one of the great goals of car manufacturers. It is a strange thing – one moment we think it will happen tomorrow, then there are a couple of accidents and we think it will never happen. It is like passenger planes – we all remember the one crash, but never think of the millions that take off and land safely every day.

There are two things to consider with smart cars though.

The first is that true autonomous self-driving is the last of six levels of automation in cars. Level 0 is all manual, 1 has driver assistance like cruise control, 2 has ADAS and can go faster or brake on its own, in 3 the vehicle can do most functions, but under human supervision.

Level 4 is high automation where the car can do everything, but under human supervision and within geofencing–specific areas and with low-speed limits. Level 5 is full automation and the car might not have a steering wheel and it can drive anywhere a skilled driver can.

The second factor to consider is that underpinning the progression of these steps is the digital revolution. This consists of a number of technologies that are developing at a blistering pace, are increasingly used together and are already changing the world under our noses.

Artificial intelligence (AI), the internet of things (IoT), automation, robotics, cloud computing, big data and more are very much part of everything we do, including developing self-driving cars.

Chery has been working toward this goal since before 2015 and has recently invested heavily in companies that work in these fields, such as BOE for IoT and Horizon Robotics for AI chips. It also works closely with tech giant Huawei.

In 2018 Chery released its intelligent life cycle brand strategy called The Lion Cloud OS, covering a vehicle from R&D, manufacturing, marketing and service. Now at version 4.0, The Lion is using AI technology such as voice interaction, face recognition and smart cloud interaction in core products like the Tiggo Pro range.

Chery launched its first pure EV (EQ1) with an aluminium body as a separate Chinese auto brand. However, it covers the full spectrum of market segments from class A to D in cars and SUVs, including PHEV, BEF, EREV, electric four-wheel drive and hydrogen fuel cells.

In April it revealed the EQX concept car with level 4 automatic driving.

But you don’t only have to read about tech-laden Chery vehicles, you can have a look at them, kick the tyres and take one for a test drive. Furthermore, you can take advantage of the incredible Chery deals now available to savvy South African drivers.

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