Chery Blooms With Continued Record Sales In SA

Chery Hits Record Sales In South Africa Again

Chery Hits Record Sales In South Africa Again

Chery has once again hit the headlines for finding its outstanding performance in the local vehicle market where it appears to have picked a sweet spot with motorists.

The Chinese automaker recorded yet another month of record sales in South Africa in March 2023, due to its impressive range of vehicles that offer superior quality, performance, and value for money.

Remarkable Sales Growth

Chery SA sold a total of 1,200 vehicles, representing sales growth of 15% in a tough economic climate, compared to the same period last year. These sales figures are even more impressive considering the lingering impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the global auto industry.

Contributing to the brand’s huge success is its range of Tiggo 4, Tiggo 7 and Tiggo 8 models that have sold exceptionally well in SA.

​​The Tiggo 4 Pro has been the most popular best-seller in the range, offering motorists a value-for-money SUV. According to Chery the Tiggo 4 Pro sold 918 units, followed by the Tiggo 7 Pro which sold 395 units. The top of the range flagship Tiggo 8 Pro and the additional Tiggo 8 Pro MAX together sold 189 units to the local market.

These vehicles are loved for their stylish and modern design, with sleek lines and body features that enhance both their appearance and functionality – alloy wheels, roof rails, and LED daytime running lights. High ground clearance also makes for great off-road adventures.

Chery’s appeal to the local market which is seeking quality vehicles that deliver equally on style, performance and comfort, across a broad price range, has shown the manufacturer has found a sweet spot with motorists. From affordable, snazzy city cars to robust, spacious family SUVs, Chery offers motorists a choice of styles, comfort and engine performance to suit every pocket.

SUVs For Space And Safety

But when it comes to the market for a premium SUV it is clear that discerning motorists are opting for the Tiggo 7 and Tiggo 8 models in the range.

Both come equipped with a range of advanced safety features such as airbags, ABS, EBD, traction control, and hill-start assist for overall driver and passenger safety.

The Tiggo 8 is designed to offer a luxurious driving experience with additional features such as leather upholstery, a panoramic sunroof, and a high-end infotainment system with Bluetooth connectivity. The rear seats can also be folded down to create extra cargo space.

It’s no wonder the Tiggo 8 Pro has been selected as one of the 20 top finalists in the 2023 SA Car of the Year competition.

Commitment To Quality

Chery’s commitment to quality and innovation has seen the company invest heavily in research and development, ensuring the local market receives vehicles that are built to the highest standards using the latest technology.

A comprehensive warranty and after-sales service is also offered to the local market, which has helped to build brand loyalty, trust and confidence making it a popular choice for discerning motorists.

Chery’s ongoing success in South Africa is testament to its investment in excellence and innovation positioning the manufacturer to become a major player in the local auto industry in the years to come.

So, if you are in the market for a new vehicle to suit your pocket, pick a Chery that takes your fancy and book a test drive with Group1 today – discover just exactly why so many motorists have found a sweet deal!

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