Chery Raises The Bar With Hybrid Technology

Chery Raises The Bar With Hybrid Tech

Chery Raises The Bar With Hybrid Tech

Chery is becoming a household name in South Africa and has seen unprecedented sales growth recently, both locally and globally. This growth is thanks to not only its impressive range of vehicles but also its advances in technology that are unmatched in the global hybrid space, setting new standards for the industry.

Chery’s appeal to the local market is that it offers style, performance and comfort, across a broad price range. This appeal is evident in the numbers as Chery had a record month of sales in South Africa in March 2023, with a growth of 15%, compared to the same period last year.

Globally, the Chery Group has also had significant acceleration with a 142% increase in sales in August 2022 compared with the same month the previous year. Cumulative sales exceeded one million vehicles for the first time in 2022!

The Next Level of Hybrid Power

Style and comfort aren’t all that Chery is cashing in on, commitment to innovation and performance is having a huge impact as well. Chery’s rapid leaps are best seen in its powertrain technology. Since launching its first engine in 1999, Chery has created three generations of engines. Chery now has three fourth-generation engines being developed. The manufacturer has also finalised the design of its first fifth-generation engine and plans on finalising testing by 2024.

Chery is upping the ante when it comes to hybrid technology, with its hybrid drive called the DHT Hybrid system. The system sets a new standard for hybrid propulsion and lays the foundation for the transition from internal combustion to petrol, diesel, hybrid, electric and fuel cell-powered vehicles.

Previously hybrid seemed a stopgap solution until battery electric vehicles caught up as most hybrid cars had ICE engines that generated electricity to drive electric motors and charge a small to medium-sized battery. Regenerative braking put power back into the battery, and the battery could boost power when needed. You could also travel short distances on battery power alone.

The DHT Hybrid system has changed the game in hybrid. The new energy products within the scope of Chery DP-i Intelligent Hybrid Architecture find solutions to problems of previous hybrids with the advantages of “speed”, “long-term durability” and “energy saving”, making DHT a viable and appealing option for cars of the future.

The new architecture features three systems, i-HEC Smart Efficiency, i-BMS Smart Power and i-DHT Smart Core.

DP-i Intelligent Hybrid Architecture is equipped with the brand’s special hybrid battery system with lightweight, high energy density and low loss. This special hybrid battery creates a 1+1>2 effect when used with Chery’s special DHT hybrid system. It not only easily reaches a range of over 1000 km, but also offers advantages such as high power generation, a more enjoyable driving experience and a more controlled structure.

While DHT isn’t yet available in South Africa, you can still have a look at the very impressive Chery Tiggo 4 Pro, Tiggo 7 Pro or Tiggo 8 Pro now available here!

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