Chery Has High Hopes And Ambitions For The Future

Chery Set To Soar With Future Ambitions

Chery Set To Soar With Future Ambitions

Chery is going international with high hopes to take on the world outside of China this year, and into the future, increasing market share in Asia and pushing new technologies.

Having previously tried to make its mark on the Philippines, it experienced some difficulty, especially with the interruption of a global pandemic. However, things started to look up in 2022 with United Asia Automotive Group Inc (UAAGI) driving Chery to the number three spot for Chinese passenger vehicles.

Similarly, in Singapore – local motor distributor Vertex Automobile is bringing back Chery with two new models, starting with a new electric vehicle in 2023, followed by a plug-in hybrid model. This is after the recent record sales made by Chery in 2019.

Chery Technology Turns Heads

So what has changed? Firstly, Chery has reframed their business to build vehicles that customers will actually be proud of. Chery’s products have also been continuously improved in terms of comfort and feel and now can be said to be comparable to premium luxury auto brands. The manufacturer is also working hard to build trust with consumers, providing efficient after-sales service.

Secondly, Chery’s strong technological research and development and production manufacturing capabilities have attracted a lot of praise recently. Chery has firm plans to transform their product lineup into new energy vehicles as part of their green and sustainable initiative. Their Intelligent Connected Mega Factory, which is based on environment-friendly production and intelligent-digital technology, produces more than 10 kinds of new-generation platform product series with high performance. It boasts an annual production capacity of 300,000 complete vehicles and 200,000 automotive parts.

The future seems bright for Chery Automobile with its vision of crafting an excellent brand, keeping up with technological innovation, and bringing consumers products that are greener and more energy efficient. We will have to wait and see how their market share grows internationally, and if consumers continue to put their trust in the Chinese brand.

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