Corporate Buyers Can Benefit With Chery Fleet Division

Now In SA For Corporate Customers – Chery Fleet Division

Now In SA For Corporate Customers – Chery Fleet Division

Chery South Africa has launched its Fleet Division to cater for fleet, rental and public sector buyers. Why did this happen? Let’s take a step back.

Chery officially entered the South African market in November 2021 with the Tiggo 4 Pro, followed by the Tiggo 8 Pro and the Tiggo 7 Pro. Waves were made in the market, to put it mildly.

This trio of striking SUVs covered the most popular segments, namely compact, crossover and mid-sized SUV.

Chery was an immediate success in what many see as an overcrowded market. The rollout of the brand was done professionally and a lot of money was spent to create sales, service and parts infrastructure throughout the country. When you bought a Chery you also bought peace-of-mind.

Other factors in this success were value for money, superior technology, sharp and modern design, as well as its industry-leading mechanical warranty.

The value-for-money proposition was unmistakable in all three models. Any competitive vehicle with similar exterior, interior and safety features would cost significantly more, while cars in the same segments at the same price would be seriously lacking in standard features.

Its technology includes all the three-letter acronyms we expect from a top-level car, but Chery models feature advanced systems like lane departure warning, blind spot detection, front collision warning, traffic sign recognition and rear cross-traffic alert, and more.

Design-wise, Chery hits the sweet spot in a big way. These cars look bold, with clean lines and well-balanced dimensions. Both the front and back present as bold, but classy. Inside is the same, with comfort and style taking the lead. An important skill in car design is knowing when to stop, and Chery designers did just that once they got it right. Unlike some of the wedding cakes on wheels you see on our roads today.

Although the warranty of 150,000km/5 years is available, the big talking point is the 1,000,000 km/10-year engine warranty – beating anything else in South Africa by an impressive 40%.

These factors have propelled Chery into the top ten in the South African market in less than a year and a half, but this growth was all made up of individual sales.

The Benefits Of A Fleet

When you enter into a fleet deal, you immediately reduce costs in all areas – from purchase price to service and repairs. Fleet deals come with fleet management software, and you can track your vehicles, and when they need services, spot changes in fuel consumption, identify bad driver behaviour, and keep track of where all your cars are at any given time.

Who Uses/ Needs Fleet Vehicles?

Most vehicle fleets are for cargo or carrying passengers, but Chery’s vehicles obviously do not fit into these commercial categories.

Chery is aiming squarely at corporate buyers as executive and sales vehicles – ditto for the public sector and, of course, the rental market.

So whether you are looking for a top-range, affordable SUV or a fleet of vehicles with no engine worries for a million kilometres, have a look at what Chery has to offer or contact us for more details.

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