What Are Chery’s Driving Assistance Systems? (Part 2)

Chery SUVs: Advanced Safety & Driving Assistance Features

Heading into 2024, the road traffic accident statistics of the past festive season are fresh in most of our minds, inspiring safety-conscious motorists to seek out the safest vehicles possible to lay the foundation for secure commuting and adventuring in the year ahead.

The good news is that Chery is dedicated to crafting cars that deliver outstanding performance while placing a high emphasis on ensuring the safety of both drivers and passengers.

As such, Chery SUVs feature a range of cutting-edge driver-assistant technologies (ADAS) aimed at elevating your driving experience and reducing potential risks on the road. We discussed a few of these ADAS features in our previous blog. Now, let’s take a look at some further key features and explore how they contribute to a safer driving experience:

Safety Alerts and Assistance

  • Door Open Warning (DOW). Ensures door security by alerting the driver if any doors are not fully closed, enhancing safety before and during the drive.
  • Lane Departure Warning System (LDW). Monitors the vehicle’s position within driving lanes and alerts the driver if unintentional lane departure occurs, preventing accidents due to inattention.
  • Emergency Lane Keeping (ELK). Automatically takes corrective steering action to guide the vehicle back into its lane in case of an unintentional lane departure.
  • Lane Departure Prevention (LDP). Actively assists the driver in maintaining lane position by gently steering the vehicle back to the centre of the lane during unintentional drift.

Advanced Driving Assistance Systems

  • Intelligent High Beam Control (IHC). Automatically adjusts between high and low beams based on detected oncoming or leading vehicles’ lights, enhancing nighttime visibility without blinding others.
  • Traffic Congestion Assist (TJA). Combines Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) and lane-keeping assistance to navigate heavy traffic, reducing stress and fatigue for the driver.
  • Integrated Cruise Assist (ICA). Merges ACC with lane-centering assistance, providing a relaxed driving experience on highways by maintaining speed, distance, and lane position.

Driver Monitoring and Collision Prevention

  • Driver Monitoring System (DMS). Uses cameras and/or sensors to monitor the driver’s attention, detecting signs of drowsiness or distraction and alerting the driver.
  • Multi-Collision Brake (MCB). Automatically applies brakes after an initial collision to prevent or minimise secondary impacts, reducing the risk of additional injuries or damage.

Enhanced Manoeuvring and Awareness

  • Lane Change Assist (LCA). Aids in safe lane changes by monitoring blind spots and alerting the driver to vehicles in adjacent lanes, ensuring confident and secure lane manoeuvres.

Discover the Chery difference! Reach out to your local Group1 Chery dealership now. Our knowledgeable team is ready to answer questions, share insights on safety tech, and schedule a test drive for you to firsthand experience the advantages of Chery’s advanced ADAS features.

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