Chery Sets New Standards With DHT Hybrid Architecture

Chery Hybrid Tech Evolving Fast

Chery is certainly not resting on any laurels. The automaker’s scorecard in 2023, substantial growth in sales and exports, and relentless commitment to innovation, sustainability, and global expansion paint a vivid picture of its remarkable progress. In what’s considered a major leap in “intelligent” manufacturing, the company has set a new standard for the development of global hybrid technology with the Q-Power architecture platform introduced in October 2023.

Meeting new generation mobility needs with PHEV hybrid system

Empowered by the Q-Power technology platform, the PHEV hybrid system boasts a 1.5T engine paired with a dual-motor, three-engine power setup with an additional 9 operating modes and 11 gear combinations. The new hybrid technology, popularly known as the DHT Hybrid system enables the vehicles to achieve superior high performance, sustained high energy efficiency, quality driving experience, safety and energy saving.

The exceptional performance and fuel efficiency are achieved through the incorporation of 11 driving modes, seamlessly chosen by the system. These modes span starting, low, medium, and high-speed variations, as well as overtaking, long-distance, and mountain pass driving settings. With finely tuned parameters for each mode, the hybrid system ensures the utmost efficiency and optimal power output for every driving circumstance imaginable.

In real-world testing, the new PHEV models point to a range of 95 kilometres in pure electric mode and close to 1,000 kilometres range in hybrid mode. The engine offers 0 to 100km/h acceleration in just 4.26 seconds, fuel consumption of only 1.55L per 100 km and a swift 3-5 hour full charge time.

Additionally, the advanced hybrid system uses intelligent, adaptable i-HEC combustion management and a high-efficiency turbocharger that offers a thermal efficiency exceeding 44.5%. This distinguishes it as the most efficient engine with the lowest real-world consumption on the Chinese market. The proprietary hybrid system is reported to have been tested for over five million kilometres and 30,000 hours.

Chery Group has set exciting and ambitious targets for 2024, thanks to the new QPower architecture. We look forward to showcasing the first hybrid models with DHT to our South African customers, but meanwhile, you can still have a look at some of the most popular Chery Tiggo Pro models now available at Group1.

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