Chery Is Developing A Caregiver Robot And Everyone’s Impressed

Chery's Robot Revolution: Mornine, the Caregiver Assistant

Chery’s Robot Revolution: Mornine, the Caregiver Assistant

Imagine this: you’re at a Group1 Chery dealership, ready for a test drive in the latest Chery Tiggo 8 Pro. You buckle up, excited to feel the power and performance, only to be met by… another passenger. Not just any passenger, mind you, but a bipedal robot with a friendly face and an uncanny ability to answer your questions before you even ask them.

That’s the future Chery is building, and it’s nothing short of incredible. At their recent CEO Conference, the brand unveiled Mornine, a humanoid robot designed to become an extension of the Chery family – and not just in a metaphorical sense!

Meet Mornine – Your New (Robot) Sidekick

Mornine isn’t your average piece of machinery. This marvel of engineering boasts a lifelike silicone face that can move and mimic human expressions. Combined with its built-in Large Language Model (LLM), Mornine can answer your questions, follow your instructions, and even maintain a conversation – all in a natural, human-like way.

But Chery isn’t stopping at fancy features. They see Mornine as a whole new range of possibilities, a robotic companion that can adapt to your needs. Think salesperson, receptionist, or even a guide on your next road trip through the scenic Garden Route.

From Info Provider To Invaluable Assistant

Mornine’s development is planned in three distinct phases. During the first phase, picture Mornine as your friendly neighbourhood information booth. It will interact with customers, answer their questions, and learn the ins and outs of human interaction. This includes understanding different accents, and conversation styles.

Phase two is where things get exciting. Mornine will tap into its advanced capabilities like visual recognition and self-navigation. Imagine it walking alongside you at the dealership, demonstrating car features, or even helping you with a test drive (although we wouldn’t recommend letting it take the wheel just yet!).

The final phase is where Mornine truly shines. It will transform into a competent assistant, tailored to your specific needs. Think childcare and education for busy families, assistance for elderly folks living at home, or even a robot that cooks and cleans – basically, everything you ever wanted in a roommate (without the snoring!).

A Robot Revolution With A South African Heart

“We see Mornine as a celebration of pioneering robots like Boston Dynamics’ Atlas,” says Tony Liu, Deputy General Manager of Chery South Africa. “But what sets Mornine apart is how it combines our engineering expertise with a deep understanding of customer needs.”

This isn’t just about showing off fancy tech; it’s about creating a robot that can genuinely improve our lives. Whether it’s helping with chores, providing companionship, or offering a helping hand to those who need it most, Mornine has the potential to revolutionise the way we live.

The Future Is Now (And It Drives!)

While Chery hasn’t announced an official release date for Mornine just yet, one thing’s for sure: the future is looking mighty interesting. And sjoe, if Mornine can handle the complexities of learning South African slang at the dealership, imagine how it’ll handle the open road on a Chery test drive!

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